Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lake Kabekona 2011

We spent the first part of our week long vacation on our 2nd Annual Kabekona trip. The weather was perfect, the kids all renewed their friendship and us parents were able to actually hang out and play games together. The kids are at the perfect age, they just basically needing watching, but can totally interact with each other and play and play and play.
One of the cutest parts of the trip was when we adults were enjoying a few beverages and playing games, the kids all built a kitchen. A kitchen made of random beach items, complete with sand food served on kick boards. The would go around and take our order and then bring us our food. They made the menu up, which was hilarious! You could order from the specials listed: "Qwece" (quiche??) "eney stew" "eney side" "sea souflea" and of course "BACON!" We roared with laughter when we saw it! Seriously where do kids come up with this stuff?!
We literally lived in the water. The kids all swam and floated on tubes, played in the sand and enjoyed the sunshine. We adults finally figured out that the kids are going to wake up at the same time they always do in the mornings, so why not start drinking at noon and go to bed at 10:30?! SMART!!!! It was so much better than struggling to stay awake and getting just a few hours of sleep and then mustering up the strength to do it all over again the next day!
The kids would watch movies at nap and bed times all together piled in one cabin. We would all just stand in the water, which is like 4 feet deep, most of the day and visit. And eat! Oh did we eat! I made the round of Sha Sha Nachos and Teas for every body again this year. It was a hit again! And we all had to make s'mores every day too. The kids loved making them after lunch! No need to keep them up late at night just for s'mores right before bed.
We plan to continue to make this an annual trip. I am so so so glad we girls from college kept up with each other after all these years. It's so fun catching up and letting the kids play. The guys are all so used to us it's crazy! The morning we left (we missed Annie and Nick-since they had already hit the road) we took our group shot. We set the camera up and the girls piled on the hammock and the guys stood behind us. When the timer went off and us girls viewed the was so funny to see the guys had all crouched down behind us! We have them totally trained!

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