Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ruby Jay

Where have I been the last month of blog world??? I wish I could use the real Ruby as an excuse but the shower planning will have to do.
Below are the shots I took for her shower invite and announcement.
She is soooooo cute!
I love how crinkly her skin is on her arm. Like a new puppy who needs to grow into her skin.

These headbands are ridiculous, but oh so cute! I couldn't help myself when I borrowed the box of headbands from Summer. The same week I marched myself up and down the girl aisle at Kmart and bought every headband and ridiculous socks that look like little mary jane shoes I could find. Then I had to head home and face the hubs with the purchases.

And to finish off the photo shoot she put me in my place and pulled a little Ruby attitude.
I'm not sure if it at me or that headband, but still...Girl!
And to top it off, right after this she peed on my couch.

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