Monday, March 14, 2011

the one who ate the screwdriver

Recently more and more people are saying how much Emmitt looks like his momma. But who would have thought that he would inherit my eating foreign objects trait?! Well on Saturday the kid did it. See the little screwdriver on the right of the picture below? He ate it. And if you are wondering how it's in the bag...well momma got to put on some rubber gloves and dig through poop. In my defense I was in the bathroom getting ready for work and dad was in charge. But he had it in his mouth and took a drink of his fruit smoothie and down it went. Top that with the high quantities of popcorn and out came the screwdriver the next morning!
I say he gets it from me because I was about 5 and swallowed the revolver from the Clue game. Again, in my defense, Shawn Sirotiak told me to! It was one of the only times I can remember my mom spanking me. I was ashamed and knew better. When I told Parker this story, I asked him how many times he thinks he's been spanked and he answered a hundred. My poor kids.

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