Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The break from the car

I had realized a long time ago when Parker was little...that if you break up your car trip into fun excursions they go a lot quicker and happier. The boys are now starting to look forward to what kind of adventure we can go on after travelling so far in the car.
When the boys and I took the trip to Wisconsin to Debs house we made a point to get down there as fast as we could, but on the way home we took our time.
We stopped this trip at the overlook at the Eveleth rest area. I had never been much of a rest area kind of girl, let alone by myself with two kids...but my sister Tammy has really gotten me hooked on rest areas. They are an untapped, gorgeous, area where my kids can run like wild men and disturb no one.
This rest area is the home to a very cool set of stairs, automatic hand dryers and a gorgeous view.
Parker made sure he really helped "Bubba" up the stairs. He was counting the whole way up and Emmitt just kept repeating every number back to him. Parker would say a "good job buddy" and keep climbing.
We went on a pine cone hunt in the flatter area and played tag between the trees. The boys giggled and ran as I chased them. The best part was, I didn't have to tell them to keep quiet or settle down. The best part is...that's the point of the rest area! Run, be crazy, scream...there is hardly another soul in the entire stop and I don't care if there is. Chances are, I won't see them again anyways!
I thought maybe I would have a picture or a thought back on this trip of crabby, crying kids...kicking and screaming to get out of the car...but I honestly don't! I love that they travel so well, they smash gold fish into my cars interior, they laugh at movies being played loudly behind my headrest and they make me happy to be on an adventure with them.
Maybe my husband wants to drive us all to Disney World?

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