Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Princess Party

Jillian Grace-AKA The Princess who turned 4 this weekend. Parker had 2 of his friends turn 4 on the same day and therefore 2 Birthday parties to attend in one day...back to back...with no nap. And he made it and had a blast doing both. Parker started off at Andrews kid party. It was his first party that I dropped him off at and went back to get him when it was over. It was fun to hear all about the games, the candy hunt, the sharing of candy with the kids that weren't very good at hunting the candy, and the jump house. When I picked him up went headed right to Jillian's party for supper, cake, ice cream and presents.
The birthday girl with her princess cake.
Happy girl...oh she was so happy on her birthday. She kept snitching frosting off the cake and then would giggle.
Regan commented that Jillian has made this face since her first birthday while being sung to. The whole Happy Birthday tune she smiled shyly until it was over.
Loving her birthday present from Auntie Becks...a trunk full of dress up clothes and accessories.
The kids-Jillian, Aubrey and Parker all disappeared to Jillian's new big girl room with the trunk. I followed a bit later to walk in and see Parker's clothes in a heap on the floor and him in his Diego underwear and socks. I asked Grandma Dena if he was heading for a gown and she said yes he is. So the girls and Parker all modeled their dresses for us.
Derek commented that Daddy was not going to be very happy about this...then that he was going to hang a photo up at the shack for Parker when he was older and then show his Prom date this picture. I love that he didn't care and neither did the girls that he wore a dress. I heard him comment about the trunk-calling it a treasure and that they needed to hide it from the pirates! So the true boy in him still showed through.
After a while Emmitt came out in heels and a baby in the stroller and clippity clopped all over the hardwood floors enjoying the sound of his shoes.
Brooks and Daddy were innocent bystanders during the dress up show, but I did catch Grandpa Dave wearing a crown at one point...

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