Thursday, October 22, 2009

19 Months

Emmitt Jon-how can you possibly be closer to two than you are to one? It seems like you were just this baby and now you are such a big boy. We are finally realizing that you are more capable, of doing just about anything, than we give you credit for. We think back to your brother and all the things he could do at this age and are just now realizing that you are actually doing more just by watching him. You follow that big brother of yours around and copy, or try to at least, every move he makes. That big brother likes to have you copy him too. You two are so into pretending you are both puppies that a majority of your evening involves panting and crawling around on your hands and knees. You will crawl over to me while I am making dinner and pant at my feet until I pat your head and say good puppy or good boy and then your crawl away with a huge smile on your face. You both fall for the eat your supper like a puppy trick almost daily. And you know what? I don't care if you eat your food directly off your plate or not as long as you eat it. We love the smiles it brings to our table too.Your physical features don't seem to be changing as much anymore. Either we aren't noticing or you really are staying the same. You are still "stuck" at 21 pounds. You have been that weight for quite some time now and are growing taller little by little. You are starting to straighten out when you walk too. You were so bow-legged and so pigeon toed for awhile there that daddy was starting to wonder if you would need special braces for your little legs like he did when he was little. You got your walk right from your daddy. Someday I will be able to look at you two from behind and I am certain I will see the same stance. We officially closed the bet on what color your eyes would be. For the record mommy won. Your eyes are brown, just like mine. Daddy tried to make due on his bet with Auntie Debbie too but she felt guilty taking him to the cleaners but enjoyed letting him know that he was wrong from the beginning.Now your personality? That's a different topic. We frequently refer to our evenings with you as The Emmitt Show. The other night you were playing in the living room and just started spinning in circles, giggling and laughing away. We all just sat and giggled with you wondering what on earth you were doing. Then you would stop, fall down, laugh in hysterics and do it again. A couple of weekends ago we were out at Grandma Audrey's and played duck, duck, goose (Grey Goose to Parker). You followed our lead in how the game was played and took your attempted to say duck and patted each of our heads and then you would say something else for goose and just take off running in a circle. You ran and squealed around and around that Grandma and I really weren't sure if we could catch you and eventually you would dive into any open spot and smile at us like yeah girls, you couldn't catch me and I won! You laughed with us as we had to catch our breath from our round of the giggles. You have a wonderful raspy laugh that is contagious.You really are such an easy going kid. Daddy and I both say you get that from us, but neither of us is all THAT easy going. We think we are, but the other disagrees. You are simple in the car, you are simple to put to bed, you are simple to entertain. You have a spirited streak in you too though. You have started to defend yourself more against big brother when he is picking on you. You will, very rarely, buck the system when you don't get what you want. A majority of that comes from your unbelievable unwillingness to talk. I took these pictures on a rainy Sunday when it was just you and I at home. I would ask you to say any word and you would. Most of them very clearly. That makes it even more maddening that you just simply won't talk. It's not because you can't. I'll blame that stubbornness on your father but he'll blame me so I guess it's even.
You are looking more and more grown up but yet still just a baby. A woman at the grocery store asked how old you were, what your name was (she said you had a great name), and that you looked so collegiate until she saw the snaps on your pants. I laugh at that one still. It is so true. Sometimes I look at you and expect way more than a 19 month old should be capable of doing and other times I see you doing something so grown up that I think you are still too young.

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