Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Parker and Emmitt-gotta have the matching sweater vests!

The 2 boys-Emmitt slept through half of this and was content the other half.

The Family photo. And our 2 little bunnies.
Our Easter weekend was fun filled and extremely busy. We started on Friday-with Parker swimming at the Holiday Inn for 3 1/2 hours! He was a wrinkly prune by the time we went home. He stayed up late playing with all his cousins. Then Saturday we dyed eggs-Parker had way more fun this year, mainly because he understood more this year then last year. He watched his cousins do it and then went for it himself. Managed to stay clean too! Then we finally got him down for his nap. It does not work to reason with a 2 year old. The whole "if you do this, then we'll give you this" thing does not work! We told him after his nap we would go swimming, well all he heard was "go swimming!". So after being trapped in his room for 45 minutes screaming bad mommy and daddy, he finally fell asleep. 2 hours later, we were swimming again.

Sunday morning-we were up early and at the church by 8 am for breakfast, then in church and then back home in time for the bunny to come by. We did not even mention that rabbit until after church, or we knew what he would talk about during the whole service. Ahhh, success...we got home and I took him upstairs while dad and grandma Janet hid eggs for him. He ran around filling his basket totally enjoying himself. He accidentally dropped and opened the first plastic egg he found and watched the candy shoot all over the guess what he did with all the other eggs? He opened them all and put the candy in his basket. The real eggs he soon realized contained nothing but that egg that we had fed him the day before...not actual candy.

After the egg hunt and filling his face-it was out to Ray for dinner. Well the sugar had taken it's toll and he crashed in the car on the way out there. He took a good nap and let us eat our food! All the while my sister held Emmitt-so it was perfect! He stayed until the end and enjoyed the great food, company and beautiful day!
Happy Easter!

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