Friday, March 14, 2008

The 2 Year Old has figured this out...

My 2 year old has this new baby thing all figured out. He soon realized that when mommy is feeding Emmitt, he is out of my reach and apparently "hearing zone" and feels that he can do whatever he wants. He knows about how much time he has to get the job done too! He also knows how long to wait to begin whatever mischief he has planned. He basically lets me get settled in my rocking chair and then a minute later-he's off! This is what he did to the brand new roll of paper towels...after unrolling them all, he then sang himself a song, played "I seed you mommy" with the tube and built himself a paper towel "house" on the dining room table!

His other new favorite is pushing a kitchen chair to the counters and sink to play with the water, the scrub brush, rag...when we get in there to scold him-he always says that he wants to wash his hands! I think he knows that I won't tell him he can't wash his hands...little smarty!

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