Monday, February 4, 2008

still pregnant

for those waiting to hear news...I am still pregnant. Waiting "im"patiently until the bebe and my body are ready.

I went to my appointment on Friday and something in my body was still too "closed" to successfully strip membranes so until that opens on it's own we'll have to wait.

I go Friday the 8th (my due date) in the afternoon so we'll see if anything has progressed.
I have an appointment scheduled for my 2nd due date on the 13th.

I bought a giant exercise ball-just like the one I used in labor with Parker-to sit on around the house, use for when I am working from home, etc...mostly to help my hip pain and to maybe progress a little more. It worked during labor really well. I think Parker is having more time with it then I am though.

In order to pass more time-we had a photo shoot~here are the latest

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