Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Disney Revealed

So we've held it in long enough! We warmed them up with a few random games of Hangman today and the last one was the "We are going to Disney World on Saturday!" Emmitt was shocked he got the words right and Parker cried. SO MUCH FUN! Cannot wait for our trip. I can finally pack the suitcases and talk about it and get excited with them!

Parker did follow up with, "what about the play?" I finally had to let him in on the secret that they all know they won't be there for the performance on Saturday and that's why they don't have any lines. Here I thought Emmitt would be totally bumming about missing his first play but they are both okay with skipping it for Disney.

Setting family goals has by far helped this whole process. These two have wanted this trip for quite awhile. Number one reason for waiting was money. Second reason was Emmitt needed to be 48" tall to fit in the rides! Well he hit 48" and then some this school year and they were all supportive every time I left them for an oil class or event. It was better for all of us that they knew why mom was "working oils."

So on Saturday we head out on a very early flight for 8 days of Mickey and friends!

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