Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hockey is Over (finally) I'm way behind on the blog.  Just thinking about my upcoming scrapping trip in August and am going to need these "memories" included.
So this was back in March. Parker and his termite teammates finished up their season with their Falls Frozen Faceoff.  He totally had a blast most days at hockey.  He was only kept from a few practices for poor choices (AKA behavior issues!).  And only played is Fort Frances tourney for one of the three games due to barfing for no reason...but overall we are officially a hockey family.

I love that this picture will most likely be one that we mom's put in the annual to remind them that they don't even remember being 6 and playing in one of most fun weekends in their life up to that point. 
Coe, Shik, Drem, Ole, Drem

Emmitt got to be the brother of a hockey player all weekend. He fit in nicely as a rink rat too!  I collected cardboard from the hospital for days and conned my friend/employee to paint these sweet pictures for me while working.  The cutouts were hung for kids to put their faces in and were a hit!

Noah, Parker and Nate from Team Purple...
Parker in the net.  We often thinks he likes to play net because he doesn't have to skate :)
Emmitt, along with Erin and Mommy were able to jump in on the broom trick.  It even stood on end at Bronco arena!  Many people would walk by and just look at us, others would see it was Erin and I and smile (like they may be 2 crazy mom's but oh well)...and others simply wouldn't believe it.
We played the child-parent game the last week also.  And had a huge pizza party (like 25 pizzas in a very loud room with 30+ boys and a couple of girls running around).  After the parent game I literally had to go home and wash my hair.  I was a hot sweaty mess!  Bear had me be the parent on the ice since he coached all season...and after 10 years off of competitive play, I was pretty ripe!

Here is our purple team and was a blast and if the shifts had lasted more than 3 minutes I am not sure I would have made it at all.

Parker scored a goal during the one Fort game he played in.  Followed the lead of the Dremmel twins and gave fist bumps to his teammates in the box!

Last but not least, we went to the Skate with the Broncos one night.  Parker had a blast trying to keep up with the big boys during keep-away and enjoyed getting some one on one attention.  The little kids totally look up to those big boys!

Here's to a few months off and then a week or two of summer hockey...the one time a year I don't mind sitting in a cold arena.

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