Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A New Member of the Olson Family

His Name is Chippey. Chippey the Elf. He is our Elf on the Shelf. We got our Elf the day after Thanksgiving. We read the story and had to come up with a name. He was Elfie for a day or two. Then the television show premiered and he quickly took the name of the elf in the movie. So he adopted a new name. Chippey. The basic scoop behind Chippey is that he watches us and then uses Christmas Magic to fly back to Santa at night after we are sleeping. He reports to Santa if we have been naughty or nice. The boys need little reminding that Chippey is watching them. They tend to remind each other that Chippey can see you right now. Chippey can hear you Parker. Chippey is watching you not listen Emmitt. And so on. Early dawn, Chippey returns and picks a new spot to watch us from. The boys basically race out of bed to find Chippey first. Somedays it is very easy to spot him, other days we must search for him. One day he was in the basement waiting and watching for the boys to pick up their toys. Other days he is placed on shelves up high all over the house. He was in mommy and daddy's room for 2 nights to be sure a certain little boy stayed in his own bed. Today he was found strategically placed between the boys' school pictures to remind them, Chippey knows what happens at school too! The only rule is the Chippie must not be touched or he loses his magical powers. Well...this week Chippey was in the little tree in the boys' room and Emmitt (alledgedly) shook the tree, Chippey fell out and Parker put him back in the tree. The next day, Chippey left mommy a voicemail on her cell phone warning the boys to not touch Chippey again!!
I love Chippey!

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