Monday, January 9, 2012

Wishing for (more) Snow

Oh back in December sometime, we headed to the Golf Course sledding. About a week after I actually asked one of the golf course management guys if it truly was okay that we "trespass" on the golf course and sled. He gave me a new route to take to get to some better hills!
Bear, the kids, myself and all of the Froemkes (aside from Jon) headed out. It was a blast. The kids and the adults all enjoyed themselves. I hope I never look back and think..."man, my kids must have thought we were nuts", because about right now in their lives, we are pretty darn cool!
Like, this is dad just before he has to bail out or he's gonna hit the river!
And this is Summer, who is thinking at the age of 32, that it's a good idea to try to snowboard down the hill on a sled!
And then, where we all hit the tree!
Just prior to heading into the river
He looks shocked at our behavior right?
Gracie Lyn and Emmitt Jon hanging out at the top of the hill. They did eventually hit the trail with one of the parents or solo. Pretty amazing when they finally take the plunge and go down the hill all by themselves!

And of course I was there the whole time sledding, doing stupid stuff and taking pictures. I am in one!

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